Helpful hints for the last 6 months of the NP program:

) Buy a copy of an audio version of an NP review course. A new 15 CD set from FHEA (Margaret Fitzgerald) costs around $400. The 12 CD APEA version costs around $269. The 18 CD Barkley review costs around $400. An alternative is buying a used set of CDs. The Fitzgerald reviews can be easily found on Ebay for $150- 300. Also on Craigslist and occasionally Amazon. APEA is harder to find but cost less at $100-150. The “peak” season to find these is June-September and again in December-February. You can also find out if a recent graduate from your school is willing to sell their copy. For most grads, once the exam is done, they never want to listen to the CDs again. Try to get the most recent copy (new versions are released every year) and try to get the workbook that comes with the audio set. Listen to the CDs in your car, while running errands, while cleaning, vacuuming, folding laundry, doing dishes, etc. It will help you immensely in your classes as well as prepare you for the exam.

2) Buy a review book. While in school, commit to doing at least FIVE questions EVERY day. Keep the book next to your bed and do this EVERY night. My personal favorite is Fitzgerald’s latest review book (usually $35-55 on Amazon, Borders, etc). Two other excellent review books are by Maria Leik (Family Nurse Practitioner Certification: An Intensive Review) and JoAnn Zerwekh (Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review). Both of these are older books and cost $30-50 but both are extremely helpful. Zerwekh comes with A CD of practice tests- absolutely the BEST way to prepare for the exam.

3) Request official transcripts from all of the previous schools you’ve attended. I would suggest having TWO official copies sent to your home- one for you to review and the other to keep in a safe place, completely sealed. Don’t wait until after graduation. The registrar gets very busy after graduation processing transcript requests and usually has limited summer hours. You will need to submit these for the ANCC exam.

4) In the last 4-6 weeks of the program, begin the ANCC or AANP application. Also find out what your state requires for licensure. There are forms that need to be filled out and/or signed by the school. Don’t wait too long. After graduation, professors and administrators are typically “off” for the summer and harder to reach.

5) Start saving for the costs associated with the certification process. Even putting away $5 per week will make a big difference. It can cost around $1500 or more by the time you’re done. For example,

Audio CDs = $300- 400
Review books = $100- 150
Transcripts = $30
Graduation fee = $125
ANCC/AANP exam fee = $240- 360
LIVE review course = $400
State license fee =$200
State controlled substance application = $50
DEA federal controlled substance application = $591


kim pham
1/17/2011 11:40:47 pm

Thank you for the tips. Very helpful, especially about all the costs involved.

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